La Petite Cabane
Self Catering Accommodation - Alderney

Terms & Conditions

La Petite Cabane (property)

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

All bookings are subject to the following:
Bookings cannot be accepted by persons under the age of 25 years.
The person making the booking (renter) will be completely responsible for all persons included in the booking and should ensure that they are all aware of the booking conditions and these T&C and understand that the renter has made the booking on their behalf which binds all persons staying in the property to the booking conditions and T&C.

The number of persons occupying the property shall not exceed the number agreed at the booking or the maximum permitted by the States Accommodation Permit granted.

The supervision of any babies, children or adults requiring specific care is the responsibility of the renter.

The renter is responsible for ensuring that none of the people staying at the property cause a nuisance or annoyance to nearby occupants of other properties.

The Agent reserves the right to decline any booking without reason or can refuse to hand over a key to any person who has not complied with the booking terms.

The Agent reserves the right to have reasonable access to the property during the term of the rental should it be deemed necessary.

If in the opinion of the Agent or Owner any person is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property due to unreasonable behaviour, damage or nuisance to other occupants of nearby properties the contract/reservation may be terminated with immediate effect and the Agent may reposes the property immediately.

Provisional reservations can be accepted via email or telephone but will not be firm until such time as confirmed in writing with the security deposit having been paid.

The security deposit will be 50% of the total booking cost and is non-refundable. Payment to be made by bank transfer to the bank details provided by the Agent.

Once the booking is confirmed and deposit paid the renter is responsible for the total cost of the rental.

Final payment of the rental costs should be made a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival. A damage deposit of £200 will also be required with this payment and will be returned to you on inspection of the property after exit.

Payment to be made by bank transfer to the bank details provided by the Agent.

Should the renter for any reason cancel their booking having paid the deposit the Agent will, where possible, accommodate the moving of the booking to another convenient date within 12 months of the original booking date but it should be noted that price fluctuations for different months/times of the year will need to be taken into account.

Check in is from 2pm on the first day of rental and check out is 10am on the day of departure.
This assists with change overs in between bookings.

The Agent may be able to suggest where luggage can be left for a short periods but this will be at the renters own risk and the Agent will take no responsibility for any left luggage.

Please note that in the event that departure from Alderney is delayed due to any circumstance the property must still be vacated as per the above times.

The renter is responsible for leaving the interior and exterior of the property in a similar condition to that prior to the rental is responsible for the following departure procedures:

Empty bins – in suitable black refuse sacks to be placed in the outside bin for collection on Tuesday’s.
Wiping down of oven and all surfaces – with no abrasive products and clothes
Ensuring furniture is in the correct place as found prior to rental

There is a strict NO Smoking policy throughout the property. Evidence of smoking in the property could result in a charge being levied against the damage deposit for extra cleaning or repair due to smoke damage within the property.

While the Agent acknowledges that local cats may visit the garden of the property NO animals are to enter the property whatsoever.

NO scaling or gutting of fish is to take place in the property at any time. (There are shops that can do this for you or you can always prepare any fish down by the sea).

The renter and all persons staying at the property will be responsible for any damage caused by them or any guests invited to the property, grounds or common areas during their stay.

In the event that a tradesperson is required to access the property during the stay the Agent will endeavour to prearrange with the renter a convenient time/date subject to the urgency of the issue.

The Agent and Owner cannot be held responsible for any allergies suffered by the renter or anyone staying in the property or their guests. Should any of the visiting party suffer from any allergies these should be identified to the Agent in writing at the time of booking.

All complaints will be taken seriously and every effort will be made to remedy the issues if the complaint is thought to be reasonable.
Any complaint should be made to the Agent in writing before departure to allow for any remedial action to be taken. Complaints should be made in writing to or hand delivered to the address of La Petite Cabane, 4 Olliver Street, Alderney, GY9 3TD.
Should you wish to discuss any issue with the property prior to a written complaint please call 07781 133954.

The Agent and Owner shall have no liability to the renter or any party staying at the property for any loss, damage or injury caused by any act or omission outside the Agent’s control.

The Agent and Owner have no responsibility or liability for any material loss, damage or additional expenses or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused or arising out of the property itself and its electrical, plumbing systems or otherwise due to any exceptional weather conditions.

The renter and persons staying at the property should rely on their travel/holiday insurance for any out of pocket expenses. Should a serious situation arise in the property during the stay from which a complaint was made the Agent and Owners obligations will be limited to the consideration of a partial refund if justified by the nature of the situation.

The Agent and Owner have no responsibility in respect of any loss or damage of any personal property, vehicles, and hire vehicles belonging to the renter or any person staying at the property or their guests.

Should for any reason the property become unavailable the Agent will return the deposit and any other monies paid by the renter to the Agent. Once the funds are repaid the Agent and the Owner will have no further liabilities to the renter or any person who had planned to stay at the property with the renter.

A suitable Fire/Smoke monitor is fitted in the property and is frequently tested. Any fault to the monitor found by the renter should be reported to the Agent immediately.

All appliances in the property are checked frequently. Should the renter or any person staying at the property become aware of any issue with an appliance the Agent should be contacted immediately.

It should be noted that due to the location/nature of Alderney the Agent cannot guarantee a replacement of an appliance immediately.

The failure of the Agent to enforce or exercise at any time or for any period of time any term or right pursuant to this agreement shall not constitute or be construed as a waiver of any such term or right.

While there is a reciprocal health agreement now in place between the UK and the Bailiwick of Guernsey it is recommended that all travellers have their own medical insurance and travel insurance.